• Medical Matters features questions asked by Members of the ME Association on health-related topics.
  • Dr Charles Shepherd and the ME Association's other advisers answer these questions by sharing their expert knowledge.
  • Medical Matters is based on the popular ‘Ask the Doctor’ series in ME Essential magazine.
  • It is a free resource that supplements the detailed information contained in the full range of literature that can be found in the website shop.

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Questions in the Category: Enlarged Glands

Tender, swollen lymph glands

ME Essential Spring 2022

I know that tender swollen glands are often included in the list of signs and symptoms that are required to make
a diagnosis of ME/CFS. But when should we worry about enlarged lymph glands? I have several tender glands in my neck which never seem to go down.

Testing: HIV

ME Essential Winter 2017

I saw a locum GP recently and explained I was diagnosed with ME about ten years ago. He asked me if I had ever considered having an HIV test to exclude the possibility of my symptoms being caused by HIV/ AIDS. Why would a GP ask such a question?

Charles Shepherd

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