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  • Birthday summer 2014 aged 11 - before ME vs. Birthday summer 2017 aged 14 (2.5yrs) after ME

  • I suffer with PEM, confusion, brain fog, nausea and pain in response to things like walking more than 50m or so to sitting upright too long

  • Feeling like I'm being punished for enjoying an activity or spending time with my family. Feeling ignored by the NHS and UK Government, and being invisible to society. I feel like a burden on society because no one will help me.

  • I am unable to carry out any form of employment or voluntary work. When I am really poorly it can be very lonely, isolating, and frustrating. During these phases I am housebound.

  • Me, Kerry, and my little dog Charlie having a day in bed together because of this awful illness

  • I have severe ME/CFS and this happens to me every time I leave the house, even for the smallest journey

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