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  • “I first become ill in 1988. I was determined to get dressed every day in case anyone came to the door. I was terrified my children would be taken into care. I would try to do one small job in the house at a time then I'd collapse on the bed and black-out rather than sleep to wake feeling worse than ever. I was absolutely horrified when 3 of my children were later diagnosed with severe M.E.”

  • "Birthday summer 2014 aged 11 - before M.E. vs. Birthday summer 2017 aged 14, 2.5 years after M.E."

  • “This is me after getting out of bed to feed my son. At this point, I was too exhausted to wash my face or my hair and my eyes were too sensitive to the light. How can I hope to manage M.E. and raise my son without any outside support?”

  • “My son is 15 and has had severe M.E. since he was 11. Most of the time he is unable to leave his bed. He hasn’t been able to attend school and has had no education since he left. He has lost his friends and he struggles to function even at a very low level. M.E. has destroyed every part of his life and robbed him of his childhood. We worry constantly about his future.”

  • "I feel like I'm punished when I can manage an activity or spend time with my family. I feel ignored by the NHS and UK Government, and invisible to society. I feel like a burden because no one will help me."

  • “I was always a very active and involved mum. Nothing ever held me back from making my children happy. But M.E. put a full stop to almost all of that. For the first time, and I fear not the last, I have had to use a wheelchair, just so I could be involved in their holiday.”

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