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We help people with
PVFS, ME/CFS & Long Covid

The ME Association has been providing expert help since 1980. We understand the challenges faced by people with ME/CFS and Long Covid and believe that nobody should struggle alone. 

We have established an excellent reputation over the last 43 years and consistently deliver high standards of support, provide reliable and timely information, welcome medical training, effective campaigning, and we make prudent investments into medical research. 

We are committed to improving health and social care and ensuring that anyone with symptoms or a diagnosis has access to excellent medical services when they need them.

Health Crisis

We estimate than more than 1.25 Million people in the UK live with a diagnosis of ME/CFS and Long Covid. We don’t know how many are undiagnosed. It represents a very real health crisis. 

  • These can be life-changing and indiscriminate medical conditions that prevent adults and children from functioning normally.  
  • They stop or restrict the ability to work or go to school, and inevitably lead to a lower quality of life.  
  • There are no effective drug treatments at this time, but convalescence and appropriate self-management can help stabilise and improve functional ability.  
  • While complete recovery from ME/CFS is believed to be rare, we don’t yet know enough about the prognosis for people with Long Covid. 

PVFS = Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome.
ME = Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Encephalopathy.

CFS = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Long Covid = Post-Covid Syndrome.

We’re here for you! Changing attitudes and improving lives. 

The Real M.E. Campaign

People with M.E. and Long Covid are demonstrating they possess the confidence to be seen and are raising more awareness than ever before.
We began the campaign in 2018 and featuring images of ‘real' people has had a very positive impact!

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