We provide the largest range of reliable literature about PVFS, ME/CFS, and Long Covid, written by Dr Charles Shepherd, other advisers, and topic experts

The ME Association makes a nominal charge for most leaflets and booklets to cover production costs, while making new information freely available to members of the charity via ME Essential magazine. We provide free leaflets where we can and cover important topics in website blogs and social media posts. Books, goods and clothing are priced to cover costs and postage. Your purchases help to ensure we can continue to support, inform, campaign, and invest in biomedical research. Thank you.


  • The most extensive range of reliable information about PVFS, ME/CFS, COVID-19, and Long Covid.
  • A range that is regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Literature produced by expert advisers and people with lived experience of PVFS and ME/CFS.
  • A selection of free factsheets and leaflets.
  • A nominal charge for most literature, books, goods and clothing to cover costs and to support the charity.
  • Digital downloads of all literature.
  • Books, goods and clothing can be ordered via the shop and will be sent to the address you register at checkout.

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