We are a national charity and work closely with HCPs in the NHS and social care services, so they can be better equipped to provide appropriate care and support to people with ME/CFS. 

ME/CFS presents as an acute illness – often following an infection – that can then become chronic with a devastating effect on functional ability and quality of life.  

HCP Magazine 

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Dialogues of a neglected illness 

This is an excellent project supported by the Wellcome Public Engagement Fund. It includes commentary from leading clinical and research experts – including Dr Charles Shepherd from the ME Association – as well as people who live with ME/CFS. 

To see more on Dialogues for ME/CFS visit their site here and below are 3 of their videos showing aspects of the illness.

CPD Training Module: 

StudyPRN in association with Dr Nina Muirhead, the CFS/ME Research Collaborative and the ME Association, have produced a FREE online training course composed of 10 clinical cases that will assess your knowledge of ME/CFS. You’ll be awarded 1-hour CPD credit upon successful completion. 

MEA leaflet on the StudyPRN online training course
Download our leaflet on the course
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