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Biomedical Research

We invest in essential research to discover what causes ME/CFS so that effective treatments can be developed. We are the only charity that funds the vital M.E. Biobank at the LSHTM in London.

Information & Support

We are here to support people with ME/CFS so that everyone gets the help they need. We provide timely and accurate information via an extensive library of leaflets and the telephone helpline.

Trustees & Staff

We have been helping people with ME/CFS since 1980. Almost everyone who works for the charity has personal experience of the condition or has a loved one or close friend that has been affected. We are here for you!

ME Connect

Our telephone helpline is available 365 days a year to offer support, advice and a listening ear. We have a wonderful team of volunteers waiting to take your call!

From £18 A Year

We have kept membership subscriptions affordable because we know how much of a lifeline it can be. We put our member's interest at the forefront of all that we do.


We collaborate with other charities and belong to Forward-ME and the CMRC because there are times when we need to speak with a single voice and for certain research investments.


Members of the ME Association receive the quarterly magazine – ME Essential – delivered to straight their homes. 

It features exclusive articles, medical and scientific developments, Ask the Doctor, stories and opinions from people living with ME/CFS, and keeps members apprised of recent news. Quite simply, it is the best magazine available and the feedback we receive proves it!

We support, inform, campaign, and invest in medical research

We’re here for you… 

While our services are primarily aimed at people with myalgic encephalopathy / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), you don’t need to have this medical condition to join. Carers, family-members, and healthcare professionals are all represented as members of the charity. 

The more members we have, the more representative we can be which is especially useful when we take part in debates, decide to launch a campaign, discuss medical education, or raise awareness in parliament. 

Membership subscriptions are a vital part of our charity income and together with donations they allow us to help make the UK a better place for people with ME/CFS. 

How to Join

Full Membership is available to all adults with ME/CFS, carers and anyone with an interest in the disease. Annual membership costs:

  • £18.00 (UK residents and BFPO)
  • £24.00 (Mainland Europe including Republic of Ireland)
  • £30.00 (Rest of the World)

Each full member is entitled to vote at our Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.

When we have received your subscription, we will send you a copy of the latest issue of our magazine and a welcome pack.

If you use the postal form and pay by annual standing order you can qualify for up to ten £1.00 free leaflets.


You can use our secure online shop to join or renew your membership


You can download a paper form to fill in a post to us to join or renew your membership

What our Members say about the MEA

I wanted a continuing source of reliable support and information.

Friendly and responsive to enquiries and to sharing the latest news and research.

Providing kind, considerate, and sensible advice and a haven from isolation.

Providing up-to-date, reliable, and relevant information on its website, in its publications, in ME Essential magazine, and on its social media.

Leading the fight against the psycho-social view and advocating the need for more biomedical research.

Our Testimonials Page has more feedback on what people have said about the MEA.

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