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Head Office

The ME Association
7 Apollo Office Court
Radclive Road,
MK18 4DF
T: 01280 818963
Registered Charity Number 801279


For anything to do with fundraising, please contact

Jim Morrison, Fundraising & Development Manager

M: 07373 501602

Tony Britton, Senior Fundraising Consultant

M: 07393 805566

Media/Press Enquiries

Please get in touch if you are a journalist writing about ME/CFS or Long Covid.

Russell Fleming, Head of Communications:

M: 07821 667530

Email The ME Association

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  • If you have a question about symptoms, diagnosis, or management of ME/CFS or Long Covid, or topics relating to health, then you might like to read Medical Matters and review the range of Free Literature before getting touch.
  • If you are requesting a FREE copy of the MEA Clinical & Research Guide (The Purple Book) for a UK healthcare professional, please ensure you include the address of the surgery or clinic in your email – and select Administration from the list below.
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