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ME Essential Spring 2019


Are there any specialist nursing homes or units offering care for people with severe ME? I seem to recall that there was once an initiative to raise funds for an ME care home but this never went through due to lack of funds. I wonder if such a venture could be initiated again?


Unfortunately, we are not aware of any specialist nursing homes or hospital units offering specialist care for people with severe ME/CFS. And the two hospital-based units that we did recommend – Harold Wood Hospital in Essex and Burrswood Hospital in Kent – no longer have an in-patient facility for people with ME/CFS.

The ME/CFS Specialist Service in Leeds has some in-patient beds but we receive very mixed feedback on this service – so I would recommend contacting people who have been there before pursuing this option. As you say, the initiative to set up a care home for people with ME/CFS failed – partially due to lack of funds.

Raising sufficient money to purchase or rent a suitable property and then run such a service would be a major undertaking and is not something that the ME Association could take on at the moment.

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