ME/CFS Symptoms and diagnosis

Key symptoms that should all be present for a diagnosis of ME/CFS

Debilitating fatigue

Worsened by activity, is not caused by excessive cognitive, physical, emotional or social exertion, and is not significantly relieved by rest

Post-exertional malaise

Activity causes worsening of symptoms and is often delayed in onset by hours or days, is disproportionate to the activity and has a prolonged recovery time that may last hours, days, weeks or longer.

Unrefreshing or disturbed sleep

Feeling exhausted, feeling flu-like and stiff on waking with broken or shallow sleep, altered sleep pattern or hypersomnia

Cognitive difficulties 

May include problems finding words or numbers, difficulty in speaking, slowed responsiveness, short-term memory problems, and difficulty concentrating or multitasking (“Brain Fog”)

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