Research Summaries

Written by Katrina Pears (Research Correspondent) with Dr Charles Shepherd (Hon. Medical Adviser) for the ME Association, these popular lay summaries focus on research we have found particularly interesting or important.

They also include updates relating to the research being funded by the MEA Ramsay Research Fund. And often feature comments from researchers we have interviewed with some being written by the researchers themselves.

We make our summary reviews freely available as downloads or to view as website blogs and hope they help bring a greater understanding and appreciation of M.E. research.

2021 Summary Reviews:

2020 Summary Reviews:

Index of Published ME/CFS Research

All research relating to ME/CFS can be located in the ME Association: Index of ME/CFS Published Research.

This extensive library of research is updated every month. It is a free resource available to anyone.

The Index provides an A-Z of published research studies and selected key documents and articles, listed by subject matter, on myalgic encephalomyelitis, myalgic encephalopathy, and/or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

You can use it to easily locate and read any research in a particular area that you might be interested in, e.g. epidemiology, infection, neurology, post-exertional malaise etc.

You can also find the Research Index in the Published Research section of the website together with a list of Research Summaries from the ME Association that provide lay explanations of the more important and interesting work that has been published to date.

2019 Summary Reviews:

2018 Research update:

2018 Summary Reviews:

2017 Summary Reviews:

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