ME Association Literature: Feedback Requested 

March 15, 2022

Dr Shepherd welcomes feedback on any of the medical information, research and/or educational material that is provided by the ME Association for people with ME/CFS, family, carers, and healthcare professionals 

We provide over 120 items of literature that are available to download from the website shop dealing with a range of topics that relate to living with ME/CFS and other related conditions. 

This includes detailed guides, booklets, and leaflets on all aspects of symptom recognition, diagnosis, and management – including DWP benefits, employment and social care, and the 2021 NICE guideline on ME/CFS.  

We have also produced timely and accurate information about Covid-19 and ME/CFS since the start of the pandemic, about Covid-19 vaccinations, and the clinical overlap and differences with Long Covid. 

There is a weekly research round-up on the website blog of all the research papers on ME/CFS that have been published that week and more detailed research reviews on the more important research findings: 

…together with a regularly updated index of all published research: 

We provide a comprehensive range of educational material for healthcare professionals.

The ME Association ME Medical magazine – that is sent to healthcare professionals by post every 3 months (PwME can also nominate their own healthcare professionals to receive the magazine)

The ME Association Clinical and Research Guide (The Purple Book) – that is sent to healthcare professionals (PwME can also nominate their own healthcare professionals to receive the booklet) as requested and on an annual basis when an update is produced

Educational podcasts, videos, and webinar. Recent ones include: 

Medical Matters 

We will shortly be launching a new medical information database on the website that will allow you to search for a medical topic and read what Dr Shepherd has had to say about it. This is based on the long-running “Ask the Doctor” series that has been so successful in ME Essential – the member’s magazine. It will be free to access and will continue to be updated. We hope it will prove a useful resource that supplements the information available elsewhere on the website and from the literature in the website shop.  


The literature and medical education services we provide have been very well received. In order to continue improving these needed services it would be helpful if you could take some time let us know what you think of it.  

  • Do we review the published information often enough. Do you find any of it to be dated? 
  • Is there too much information available, or is the range of literature sufficient? 
  • Is the information helpful, easy to understand, and to access? 
  • Are there any topics that we haven’t covered? 
  • How might we improve the way we deliver medical education material? 

Please leave your comments on social media or send via email to: 

Thank you. 

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