Energetic dysfunction in ME/CFS – Presentation by Dr Karl Morten

March 14, 2022

A presentation by Dr Karl Morten, Nuffield Dept of Women's and Reproductive Health whose research the ME Association has previously funded using the Ramsay Research Fund.

The presentation covers defective energy metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction including the relevance to long Covid. He also touches upon the recent research about the EBV (glandular fever) infection and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Dr Karl Morten refers to a research study on cellular bioenergetic deficiencies in ME/CFS (Cara Tomas et al 2017) which the ME Association partly funded with others including Medical Research Council, ME Research UK, Action for M.E. and the Newcastle Molecular Pathology Node.

More information about this research study can be found here and also here.

Please watch the Dr Karl Morten's presentation on Youtube below:

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