New MEA Leaflets: Prognosis & Quality of Life, Disability Classification & Illness Severity

November 9, 2020

Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association

We have introduced two new leaflets to the extensive range we have available to download from the ME Association Website Shop.

1. ME/CFS – Prognosis, Permanency & Quality of Life

This leaflet considers what to expect from a diagnosis of ME/CFS in terms of disability, improvement, recovery, and quality of life, based on research evidence and clinical opinion.

“Prognosis is a forecast, based on clinical experience and research, of the likely course of a medical condition. It can help determine what you might expect from a diagnosis.

“However, it is very difficult predicting outcomes in each individual, especially with a condition like ME/CFS that can affect people differently…

“Studies that have examined functional status and quality of life measures confirm that the scale of impairment across a range of physical and mental activities can be just as great or greater than in many other chronic medical conditions…”

Topics discussed in this leaflet, include:

  • Prevalence: How many people are affected by ME/CFS in the UK?
  • Prognosis: What are the chances of recovering?
    • What factors are believed to influence prognosis?
    • Research into Prognosis
  • Quality of Life
    • What can I expect my life quality to be following diagnosis?
    • Age and Illness Duration
    • Mental Health
    • Permanent Ill-Health
  • Professional Opinion – Dr Charles Shepherd
  • Research References

2. ME/CFS – Disability Classification & Illness Severity Definitions

In this leaflet we examine illness severity, explain how ME/CFS is officially recognised as a disability, and provide a useful disability rating scale that can help you explain your disability to others.

Is ME/CFS classed as a disability by the UK Government?

“The best way to answer this question is to refer to the 2010 Equality Act – where ME/CFS is listed as a specific medical condition.

“But this does not mean that everyone with a diagnosis – regardless of severity – is automatically classed as having a disability…”

Topics discussed in this leaflet include:

  • Defining Illness Severity in ME/CFS
    • Mild
    • Moderate
    • Severe
    • Very Severe
    • Detailed definitions
  • Is ME/CFS classed as a disability by the UK Government?
    • The 2010 Equality Act Guidance
  • The ME Association Disability Rating Scale
  • Research References

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