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November 18, 2020

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Caroline Cavey, Editor, ME Essential Magazine.

“Hello and welcome to your Autumn/Winter edition of ME Essential. I hope you are all staying safe.

“Included in your pack this time are a few extras, including your Christmas supplement, which we all hope you will enjoy in the run-up to the festive season.

“It includes readers’ stories, along with a few gift ideas and much more…

“And talking of gifts, the ME Association has published its first cookery book for people with ME.

“It’s a beautiful book, filled with nutritious, delicious, trouble-free recipes that we are certain you’ll love. The book would make a wonderful Christmas present!”

Members of the ME Association receive the quarterly magazine – ME Essential – delivered to their homes. It features exclusive interviews, comment from MEA staff and trustees, medical and scientific developments and includes stories and opinions from people living with M.E.

  • If you have stories to tell and pictures to share, poems, illustrations or suggestions about anything at all, and would like to be featured in the magazine, please email Caroline:

ME Essential Autumn/Winter 2020

This issue features 60 full-colour pages of content and comes with the Christmas Supplement. We hope there is something that will appeal to everyone. Extracts from this issue are shown below…

Chairman’s Message

Neil Riley, Chairman

“A ‘blessing in disguise’ is something that seems bad at first but with good results happening later.

“As Covid-19 spreads throughout the country it’s easy to see how the ‘bad’ part of that saying applies but not so easy to see where the ‘good happening later’ comes in. And yet you and I can…

“At the ME Association we are regularly receiving requests from the media for interviews with our Medical Adviser, Dr Charles Shepherd.

“The ‘flavour of the year’ topic is invariably Covid and its after-effects. Who better to ask than Charles? After all, he’s been advising the likes of you and me for years on how we can best get through life with ME/CFS.

“So the future for new medical research amid constant media interest looks set to be the blessing for us in the disguise of the torment of Covid. It’s a strange world. Let’s see what happens next. We’ll keep you and the rest of the media posted.”

Neil Riley, Chairman, ME Association

Other selected highlights

  • If you have stories to tell and pictures to share, poems, illustrations or suggestions about anything at all, and would like to be featured in the magazine, please email Caroline:
Member Feedback

“I am writing to say how much I enjoy ME Essential magazine. You have made such a change both in looks and content – so much content! You have also managed to make it feel more personal as well as amazingly informative.”

“M.E./CFS is such a lonely illness and the magazine helps us to feel we are not alone, that there are others going through the same journey as ourselves.”
ME Essential Magazine

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In every issue of ME Essential magazine, Dr Shepherd answers questions from members on a whole variety of subjects relating to life with M.E. that together provide a useful source of reference.

You can view or download the latest list of frequently asked questions and then find answer from your own back-copies of our magazine, or contact head office who should be able to assist.

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