Fermanagh ME Sufferer Michelle, wants people to see a witty side to disability | 06 June 2017

June 6, 2017

The Impartial Reporter (Northern Ireland), 05 June, 2017. By Katie Dickie.

Michelle Cowan (pictured left) from Tamlaght has started a blog called Witshelly, having suffered from ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) since the age of 15.

The condition meant she lost her eyesight, the power in her hands and legs, her swallow and memories from before the illness. On her birthday six and a half years ago Michelle was hoisted out of bed for the first time and slowly recovered her swallow.

Since then, she has returned to education and began to further her studies.

The inspiration for the blog came about about as a result of Michelle’s Foundation Degree in Business at South West College, when during an E-commerce class she came up with the idea of setting up her own blog to encourage people to see the witty side of their disability and highlight the everyday challenging situations they come across, taking the positives out of these.

With the help of Karen Quinn from InnoTech she purchased a domain name and set up her webpage. For the logo she envisaged a catchy symbol inclusive of everyone with a disability, something that encouraged those with a disability to start the day with a smile and Daveth Fox helped her to turn this idea into reality.

With her blog going live on Sunday past Michelle has already gained 160 followers. Explaining the running of her blog, she advised that she dictates the content to her carers who type it up for her.

Michelle’s first blog post deals with telephone banking and adding her mobile number, something that should be straightforward that in reality wasn’t.

Looking to the future she is very excited and hopes to sell products on the page, but discussions are at an early stage.

You can follow Michelle on Twitter @witshelley1, on Facebook under Wit Shelley and her webpage is www.witshelley.com


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