Living with M.E. – Expressing emotions through ceramic art | 08 June 2017

June 8, 2017

Ember Vincent – like many who experience a devastating illness – found having a creative outlet to express her emotions was therapeutic. After 18 years of M.E. she was finally able to study ceramics and her final project is now on display in Brighton until Sunday 11th June.

“In my early 20's I was diagnosed with M.E., a condition which stayed with me for 18 years. I have always been creative and my illness initially lead me to clay as a therapeutic tool.

“When I recovered I felt a life of opportunity had re-opened and I took the step of applying to university to do the 3D Design and Craft course I had wanted to do in my 20's.

“My decision to base my final project on M.E. was a personal journey to revisit the condition that has shaped my life, but also an attempt to communicate this incredibly complicated and hard to explain condition to others.

“I felt if I could show people some of the emotional and social impacts of the condition through physical forms it might get the message across where sometimes words could not.

“I looked at feelings of restriction and immobility, the impacts of living with a hidden condition, the vulnerability of exposing inner emotions and issues around identity. For the piece about identity I ripped up my old medical notes and coated them in clay, then etched writing from a DLA form onto copper!

“I worked with a group of 50 people who were invited to join a social media group to discuss these topics and give feedback on the work I was producing. It has been a cathartic and emotional journey and I hope to continue to show my work and raise awareness of M.E. beyond this exhibition.”

Ember's final project on M.E. is showing at the University of Brighton, Grand Parade building, 3D Design and Craft Room 144 until Sunday 11th June.

You can also view Ember's work on her website.


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