Free children’s dance workshop in London | 24 July 2012

July 3, 2012

There can be life after M.E! Nicola Skilton, the Lady in Red, will take members of her E-Motion Dance Company through a stunning workshop/class for sick and disabled children in a dance studio in the King's Cross area of London on Tuesday July 24.

The youngsters will meet the professional dancers, watch a class and perhaps even do a little street jazz dance moves of their own.

Nicky, who had severe M.E. 20 years ago after going down with quinzies and glandular fever, created her dance company three years ago.

She now auditions dancers who have worked on ‘The X-Factor' and ‘Got to Dance' and backed big names like Katy Perry and Kylie. With E-Motion Dance, they earn extra money performing on the corporate circuit and from private bookings.

She puts her almost complete recovery from illness down to Mickel Therapy which she came across in 2003. Nicky is now a Mickel Therapy practitioner.

The free workshop will start at 11am and go on for a couple of hours and be held in a dance studio five minutes walk from Kings Cross Station or in a smaller studio at Old Street. Space in both cases is limited.

If you have a child who would like a great morning out, please email Nicky directly for full details at

You can also read more about the event HERE.

1 thought on “Free children’s dance workshop in London | 24 July 2012”

  1. Ah, another success for Mickel Therapy… and another ‘curee’ making money out of it. Cured by it? It wasn’t M.E.

    Every person I’ve read about who has been ‘cured, by a mind over matter ‘therapy’ has advertised the fact while letting it be known that he/she is a practitioner, i.e. ‘It cured me, now I can make money out of you poor mugs.’
    If there is a cure, any decent person fortunate enough to benefit from it would share it without charge.

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