Our new guidance on completing the ESA form will be ready next week

May 19, 2011

Following the introduction of a new set of Work Capability Assessment (WCA) descriptors at the end of March, we had no choice but to withdraw our guidance on how to fill in the complicated ESA (Employment Supplementary Allowance) paperwork.

We have been working as quickly as possible to produce some thoroughly revised guidance and hope to have this available by next week.

10 thoughts on “Our new guidance on completing the ESA form will be ready next week”

  1. Cool because I am not sure the Guide that is downloadable from the Directgov website along with the March 2011 version of the WCA Questionnaire – contains the current descriptors or is in any-way up to date.


    In fact there is no date upon it – which kind of makes it difficult to relate when trying to complete the darn thing.

    Will await with some anticipation 🙂

    1. The link you have provided is for the latest ESA50 dated 03/11.

      The fact the the questions on the form do not directly relate to the ESA decriptors is deliberate. Somone less cynical might suggest that this was so that claimants provide insufficient information for the them to pass the WCA.

  2. People are getting very worried about these tests and there is not much support in the community for us.

  3. I really recommend people look at the enormously helpful and comprehensive site http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk for very up-to-date advice on all benefits. To get the best out of it you have to subscribe, but there is a certain amount of free info too. From what i’ve seen they are the most helpful site in that they really keep on top of the pace in which all these terrifying changes are taking place, and you can download huge amounts of advice if you join.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with sasha about checking out the benefitsandwork website. Last year I made a successful first time application for ESA using their excellent guides. I am convinced I wouldn’t have been successful without their guides as I would never have thought to include as much information about how I am affected on a daily basis; my ESA50 was accompanied by 16 A4 typed pages of additional information!
    The membership fee is £19.45 for 1 year & is without doubt the best money I have ever paid out. The forum which is closely moderated is an excellent source of advice & support for anyone with any kind of illness &/or disability.
    I was more than happy to renew my membership for this year & hope I will be as successful at my medical assessment this year as last.

  5. Sorry – I should also have said “& is without doubt, ‘along with my membership of the MEA’, the best money I have ever paid out”.

  6. If you can get to CAB – especially on appeal – and through them get legal aid, and access to an appointed Benefits Advisor.

    They can ask the questions of medical peeps that generate answers which better reflect your own capabilities, as well as go back through your Questionnaire and help you to better define you capabilities.

    And… you don’t personally then have to foot the bill for often expensive medical reports 🙂

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