House full for the Judy Mikovits meeting in Belfast on Sunday (May 22)

May 19, 2011

The biggest meeting room at the Holiday Inn in Belfast should be packed out on Sunday – when Dr Judy Mikovits, the most talked-about ME researcher on the planet, turns up for a ticket-only meeting at 2pm.

Dr Mikovits will be there to talk about her work on the XMRV virus at the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Reno, Nevada.

The meeting is being organised by Joan McParland, chair of the newly formed Newry and Mourne ME Support Group, who told the ME Association this afternoon: “People are coming in from all over Ireland. I'm counting on having 10 per cent unable to turn up to try and squeeze everyone in. We'll just have to make space to get everyone in.”

One disappointment is that Dr Vance Spence, founder chairman of ME Research UK, will be unable to be present to chair the free meeting because of ill-health. Instead, his place will be taken by infectious diseases consultant and ME specialist Dr William Weir, who has agreed to stand in at short notice.

Joan McParland added: “I'm still staggered anyway that Dr Mikovits will be there. But I was always brought up to believe that if you don't ask you never get!”

‘The Mikovits event in Belfast yesterday was sensational'. Click HERE to view Horace Reid's photo report of the event, as circulated by Dr Speedy.

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  1. Be interested to hear what was actually said rather than a couple of photos to be honest.

    Still it is only Monday I suppose – it is only Monday, right? 😉

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