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The 2021 NICE Guideline

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Please remember that while patients can contact any of the services for information, referrals for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, must be made by your GP or the professional responsible for your healthcare.

If you don’t have an NHS specialist service in your area, or would like to be referred to one of your choosing, then you need to speak with your GP in the first instance. It is possible to be referred to a service outside of your area but this could involve more travel which may not be conducive to your health.

If you find any of the information about ME/CFS Specialist Services to be inaccurate, then please let us know via email:

The NICE Clinical Guideline

This booklet is available as a free download and is recommended reading. It lets you know what to expect from the NHS and social care services with regard to ME/CFS and features symptom recognition, diagnosis, management, referral, and ongoing care and support.

ME/CFS/PVFS Clinical and Research Guide

Contains everything that health professionals and patients need to know about this devastating neurological disease.

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