MEA Fundraising Feature: Alison and Joy – Running for M.E. in the Leeds Abbey Dash | 07 November 2017

November 7, 2017

By Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

Last weekend, two very special ladies donned the iconic purple ME Association, ‘It’s Real It’s Physical', t-shirts to embark on the Leeds Abbey Dash for M.E.

Alison and Joy tackled this 10k race and ran their best. Alison had to stop part way in because she was feeling unwell, but thankfully, the 15-minute break allowed her to recover and she made it to the finish in 1:28:37!

But what a welcome they both got at the finishing line, as their daughter/sister Beth was there – properly wrapped up to guard against the cold, but beaming a welcome as they got around safely.

Life before M.E. for Beth was very different – she was a professional sailor and active walker, runner and sports person. But since getting M.E. early in 2016, she has struggled to find the energy to even leave the house.

Joy says, “My sister was always the most active member of my family, off sailing across oceans or climbing up something. Seeing how her life has changed due to M.E. has, at times, been hard to watch.

“What is amazing is how she has embraced using physical aids – from a wheelchair to a personal assistant – to improve her life. Everybody who lives with M.E. should have access to support and the understanding to embrace whatever support they need.

“The more awareness that is raised the less isolated and hidden people like my sister are and that is why me and my mum are running this 10K for the ME Association.”

Alison was not a runner – she only started running in January. But Joy talked her first into a 5k Park Run and then she managed her first 10k this summer. She is keen to run to support Beth in her struggle with M.E.

Beth writes,

“Thank you to everyone who reads our justgiving page and especially to those who donated to support the ME Association.”

To find out more and to support Alison and Joy's challenge, please visit Beth's JustGiving page.

Thank you, ladies, for all have done for M.E. and for the ME Association.


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