The ME Association teams up with Gamesessions to help promote M.E. awareness with free copy of Mechanic Escape | 09 September 2017

September 9, 2017


Press Release, 09 September, 2017.

GameSessions, the company behind many game giveaways and trials, today announces a new programme to support charities. Over the next few months, they will be giving away games to raise awareness and donations for some selected charitable causes that have touched the lives of their staff.

The unique reach and engagement that the GameSessions Giveaways generates, with millions of minutes played, is a great opportunity to support the charities concerned. The team have picked Kidney Research, Cancer Research, Child’s Play and ME Research as these have each impacted their lives significantly.

GameSessions will offer Slack Games’ Mechanic Escape to download and play for free from today in support of the ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis also known as CFS) Association. The company is donating 100% of their share of any (optional) Steam key sales to the ME Association and users will also have the option to donate directly to the charity within the game.


Get Mechanic Escape for FREE

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This game is in support of the M.E. Association.

You have to watch a 90 second video about M.E. before the first play.

Play for 5 minutes to activate and keep on GameSessions forever

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Mechanic Escape combines its rhythm and fast pace into a fun but challenging platformer. In order to find his lost friends, the hero, Mech, doesn't hesitate to risk life and circuits to pass throughout high-voltage areas or dodge the most deadly machines. A hardcore game with over 80 levels, Mechanic Escape can challenge even the most veteran player but is an accessible universe to all gamers.


This is the video about M.E. included with each copy of the game:

Occasional in-game overlays will display every 45 minutes. These overlays will include information on The ME Association, ways to donate directly to the charity and other related information. Users also have the option to buy a Steam key in game via these overlays.


Ed French, CEO commented:

“Last month, we launched our new free games service; GameSessions Giveaways with one of our first brand partners, AMD. It was an overwhelming success and succeeded in its goal of helping spread the word of one of our partners.


GameSessions Giveaways offers us a platform to speak directly to gamers and we’ve decided to also use that exposure to highlight and support the work of charities that work on issues close to our hearts. Over the next few months we’re planning to give away a number of games to raise awareness and money for these charities.


We’re going to provide games in support of: Kidney Research, Cancer Research, Children’s Hospitals and ME Research.


The games will cost end users nothing, but we do ask that they watch a very short video (less than 2 minutes) about the charity before they play.


We will donate our share of the revenue from any (optional) sales of Steam keys for each game to the charity concerned, and we will provide a link in game to donate directly if you can.


The first giveaway we’re doing for charity is a game called Mechanic Escape, so it seems appropriate to use it to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (so ME4ME!).


We picked this cause as the daughter of one of our staff currently suffers from the condition, and so many people are unaware of how difficult life is for sufferers.


Despite all the detailed research into the immune, nervous and digestive abnormalities, many people still label it “yuppy flu” and suggest patients with long-term painful and debilitating conditions are not really unwell.


We know that most gamers will be willing to spend 90 seconds learning about the condition to get a free game to add to their collection. Every extra person who has some understanding of this condition is a benefit to the sufferers.”



Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager for the ME Association, said:

“We’re delighted to work with Gamesessions on something which breaks new ground for us as a charity.


“Many of the gamers who download Mechanic Escape make a choice to stay in and play it. For those with ME, staying in isn’t a choice – it’s the reality of their daily lives.


“For us, this is a fresh way of reaching people, often the under 25s. We hope they have fun – dodge the deadly machines and the devious bosses – and learn a little about this devastating illness at the same time.”



Sign up for Mechanic Escape now:


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About the Giveaway

Mechanic Escape will be available to download from for free from 7th September 2017 until 20th September 2017.

Users need to register with then download the game. After playing the game for 5 minutes, the game will be activated on their account and will be theirs to keep for free, forever on GameSessions.

Users will be asked to watch a 90 second video about The Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association before playing the game for the first time. The video is then skippable on future startups of the game.


About Mechanic Escape

Described by GameScouts as “a cool combination of Super Meat Boy’s insane difficulty and Rayman’s vibrant art style and replayability”, Mechanic Escape is a platform game chock-full of challenging chases. In order to find his lost friends, Mech (the hero) won’t hesitate to play human cannonball in order to navigate high-voltage areas and dodge deadly machines. But it gets worse: numerous bosses take dastardly pleasure in chasing you and ending your insane journey. Prepare yourself for a delirious escape that combines rhythm and fun!

Video showing offer & gameplay:


About the ME Association

The ME Association raises funds to support biomedical research into the physical cause of the illness and helps sufferers and their families through the bad times.

An estimated 17 million people globally have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It is believed to affect 250,000 in the UK alone – of whom 20,000 are children.

The World Health Organisation, Department of Health and the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Psychiatrists and GPs all recognise the illness and world-wide research is now focusing on its physical causes.

The causes of ME are a mystery and there is as yet no cure.

Find out more at



Ed French, CEO

Paul Howes, Publisher Relations & Business Development

ME Association Contact


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