MEA Weekend Fundraising: Would you Adam and Eve it! Cockney-themed walk through the streets of London | 22 September 2017

September 22, 2017


By Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

This weekend’s fundraising for MEA is the story of two cities….. And some very determined women.

Sinead and Lynette in London

Sinead Coveney and her friend Lynette Fox are going to be doing a cockney themed walk through London – doing a walk that organisers Discover Adventure have described as ‘tough’.

They will walk the distance of a marathon, starting from Chiswick, along the Thames to Battersea, through Chelsea and Knightsbridge, across Regent's Park, on through Smithfield, and then passing many of London’s most famous landmarks and crisscrossing the Thames until they finally return to Fulham.

To add a certain something to the adventure, they’ll be taught and encouraged to use cockney rhyming slang as they go.

So we hope that they have a great day having a butchers at all the sights and feasting their mince pies.  And that their pins and plates of meat are not too tired at the end.

Sinead is pictured with her other daughter at a recent school teddy tombola that helped to raise funds towards their challenge. They are fundraising for the ME Association because of the impact her daughter Katy’s M.E. has had on the whole family.

She writes:

“Katy has gone from an intelligent active child who loved school, dance, cheerleading, and karate to being unable to even walk or do the basic things we all take for granted. Katy is so brave and never complains or feels sorry for herself but it is heart-breaking as a parent to watch.” 


You can support Sinead and Lynette in their challenge, by donating via their JustGiving page.


Olivia in Berlin

And speaking of marathons, Olivia Elsmore has got to be our first ever fundraiser doing a marathon on skates!

She will joining 6,000 other skaters to rollerblade the full route of the Berlin Marathon the day before the course opens up to the marathon runners.

‘Livi’ freely admits that she’s not a sporty person, but she was desperate to do something to raise awareness and funds for the severe illness that her Mum has battled for 13 years.

Support Olivia by making a donation on her JustGiving page.


Ruth – somewhere in the UK?

I don’t know exactly where Ruth Holdaway is. She’s walking the distance of all UK race circuits for the ME Association because, as she so succinctly puts it: “I am one of the lucky ones….”.

She tells me that she is now 43 miles through her 72.5 mile challenge. The race circuits idea is because she used to be part of a motorsport team before M.E. struck, and although motorsport is still a huge part of her life, being a member of a pit crew is the one major part of her life she's lost.

Ruth is pacing herself and making her challenge as manageable as possible. You can support her by making a donation on her JustGiving page.

Good luck ladies – and thanks again for all you are doing for M.E.!


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