MEA Fundraising Feature: “I ran the Bristol Half Marathon last weekend for my boyfriend LorI” | 21 September 2017

September 21, 2017


By Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

“I am running in the Bristol Half Marathon for the ME Association because I want to raise awareness for those affected by ME.”

Kate’s story

Kate and LorI

“This is me! Kate! I'm 19 and I am from Bangor in North Wales. I'm a student in UWE in Bristol and studying Environmental Science!

“I ran the Bristol Half Marathon last weekend for my boyfriend LorI.

“He was first diagnosed with ME in 2016 when he was 18. It took a dramatic toll on his life. He had to drop out of 6th form due to feeling so exhausted, and lacking the concentration to study.

“When I first knew him, LorI was creative, chatty, extroverted and very, very active. He could talk to anyone under the sun and he used to cycle a good 40 miles every day to and from 6th form. But ME has flipped his personality completely.

“I found it very difficult to see one of my closest friends disappear from my life. He was fed-up and expressed a very low self-esteem. I tried my best to cheer him up but it was very difficult to do so.

“His ME fluctuated – and for a while he felt better, and even hoped to go back to 6th form. But this January he started to feel very ill again and he’s had to withdraw from life as we knew it.

“He really wants to travel, go to university, to do environmental work, and he also wants to carry on with his hobby of photography. But he cannot do any of this now. I can't really describe just how big a personality he is, so it's really, really, difficult he is going through this.

“His Mum had ME and my uncle also, and he has described how it feels to me.

Kate's running kit

“This is why I wanted to do this. They're such wonderful people who have become somewhat isolated from the world and I want to be their voice, I want to represent everyone who has to go through this!

“It's difficult to see someone you love feel so bad about something that is totally out of their control.

“Therefore, this is my little way of standing up and speaking out for him and for everyone going through this.”

Helen Hyland, fundraiser for ME Association added:

“A huge ‘thank you to Kate for all her efforts.  I’m pleased to report that she’s OK and got safely round – her legs are now beginning to function normally again after all that running.

“She is overwhelmed by the support that friends and family have given to all her fundraising.

“Thank you, Kate, for running for M.E.”


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