Here’s what the #MillionsMissing campaigners are doing in ME Awareness Week | 8 May 2017

May 8, 2017

Taken from one of the #MillionsMissing Facebook pages.

18275144_1803082573343031_3323188936942881946_nOn May 11, 12 and 13th, #MillionsMissing campaigners will be protesting to demand health equality and treatment for all M.E. sufferers.

Who will be joining us at one of the six protests across the UK and Ireland: Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, Isle of Man, London and Newry? (Event links below)

We hope to see as many of you who are able to attend, and to those who aren't, ask someone to attend on your behalf, and please join our virtual protest by sharing #MillionsMissing across social media on May 12. Let's get loud!

Update: Edinburgh needs more tags to be attached to shoes, so please either post a tag or email your ‘story' to be included on a tag.
Please include: First name, age, how long you've been ill, and what you're missing because of M.E. e.g. career, having a family, being able to walk etc.
Post to:
Janet Sylvester,
12 B timberbush
Edinburgh, EH6 6QH

Support the #MillionsMissing Thunderclap:

For virtual protest ideas, follow this link:

To get your own Millions Missing T-shirt or jumper:

If you'd like to help fund our protest materials:

Birmingham Cathedral
12 May from 1pm until 5pm

Leinster House
11 May from 11am until 3pm

Scottish Parliament
12 May from 12 Noon until 2pm

Isle of Man
Legislative Buildings
12 May from 12 noon until 2pm

Department of Health
12 May from 12 noon until 2pm

Newry City Hall
13 May from 3pm until 6pm

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