PACE Trial | you couldn’t get a sleeker critique on YouTube than this | 24 February 2017

February 24, 2017

A scientist called Sonia Lee has produced this very sleek, eight-and-a-half minute critique of the PACE Trial on YouTube

2 thoughts on “PACE Trial | you couldn’t get a sleeker critique on YouTube than this | 24 February 2017”

  1. Very sleek but also misleading. Some criticisms are just unfair. One can only do what’s possible. A physio has to know she’s doing physio. It’s not a matter of giving a patient a pot marked A or B. This whole critique is in many parts, misleading. There are many flaws in this trial. Sometimes less is more perhaps? NB I was involved with the changeover from Bimodal to Likert scoring and there was a very good reason. Explained before. We should focus on the lack of measures of other symptoms, missing FU actigraphy and change in end points for ‘recovery’. I now peer review applications as well as papers so that’s what I’m looking for (as are many of my colleagues.) If you’re going to criticise, and there are lots of reasons to, let’s be fair.

  2. Warning for #pwme I found this impossible to watch. Too noisy, too much screen activity. I may download it and render it slower and quieter – once I’ve recovered from the 53 seconds I tried to watch
    Helen Stangret replied – That seems to be a very common problem with people who produce materials for people with ME. It’s often a sign to me that that person may not be as knowledgeable as they say they are. But I guess some people might be better at critiquing research then thinking about the needs of us

    Marloes de Boer replied – There’s a link to the slides in the info section of the youtube:

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