Could you help launch a new local ME/CFS group in Hertfordshire? | 19 January 2016

Hopes are riding high that a new ME/CFS group can be launched in Hertfordshire – with a potential leader waiting in the wings wanting to breath life into the idea.

Maxine Ellis, who has lived in St Albans for 15 years, would like to be given the opportunity to bring people with the illness and with fibromyalgia together in a full support group with regular meetings.

Maxine writes:

“Before being diagnosed with CFS seven years ago, I managed a local charity. I am now a trustee and in the last two years have been able help a couple of hours a week. I am not able to work due to the limitations so this is my way to stay involved with my community.

“During my time with M.E/CFS, I’ve gone from being bed ridden to wheelchair to mobility scooter to now driving locally and being able to walk around a shop and – gasp! – even socialise sometimes. I have found it can be lonely, scary and frustrating. I have lost friends but then plus-side I have also gained friends. I found it difficult to find support and always wondered how many other people were out there in the same situation.

“So here we are, I was looking for a support/social group for people in St Albans or Hertfordshire but there wasn’t any. So I have taken the bull by the horns and think it would be lovely to sit down and have a cuppa, make new friends (who understand!), share information and go from there.”

There used to be two local ME/CFS groups in Hertfordshire, one covering roughly the north of the county and one the south. But they both faded away in the last 10 years or so.

If you’re interested in leaving your details with Maxine, please email her at She will get back to you as soon as possible.


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