The most recent popular items that have appeared on MEA Facebook | 6 June 2015

June 6, 2015

Over 40,000 people have visited our Facebook pages in the past week. And, since May 28, here are the posts they spent most time with – shown by the numbers of ‘People reached', ‘Likes' and ‘Shares' attached to each item.

‘I'm at a crossroads in my life. Is it now or never for a baby? | 5 June 2015

‘Well, my weight's going the opposite way. I'm getting thinner and thinner' | 5 June 2015

‘Hot off the press – what the judge decided today' (PIP claims delay test case) | 5 June 2015

‘Does anyone here do yoga? I'm tempted to try' | 2 June 2015

‘Why the focus on ‘fatigue'? | 2 June 2015

‘Missing link found between brain, immune system' | MedicalXpress | 1 June 2015

‘How ME sufferer Aimee Ball copes with extreme fatigue' | Oxford Times | 31 May 2015

‘Lots of us can sympathise with this – Ro lets off steam! | 31 May 2015

‘Teenage girls suffer after school cancer vaccination' | The Independent on Sunday | 31 May 2015

‘And I thought I would improve when I lost my job. Give me some hope, someone… please!' | 30 May 2015

‘Has anyone noticed their spatial awareness declining because of this illness? | 30 May 2015

‘Benefits claims – why do they make things so hard for us?' | 29 May 2015

‘Why would GET and Pacing cure the M.E. when I've had it so long?' | 29 May 2015

‘Our CBT, GET and Pacing report calls for major changes to therapies offered for ME/CFS' | 28 May 2015

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