Discussing the new law that allows a ‘named person’ for every child in Scotland | BBC 1 ‘Sunday Politics’ | 29 June 2014

Lesley Scott, representative in Scotland for the Young ME Sufferers Trust (Tymes Trust), took part in a BBC1 Scotland discussion yesterday (Sunday June 29) on the Scottish Government’s new law that allows every child under the age of 18 – that’s about a million of them – to have a ‘Named Person’ who could intervene where there are concerns about child abuse.

Tymes Trust, an ME Association partnership body, have already condemned what they say is the dictatorial nature of the new law and – with the Christian Institute, who are leading the campaign – call for the law to be scrapped. The Scottish Government have said they will implement the new measure in full during 2016.

Watch the debate by clicking on the link below. Lesley Scott appears in the package that begins 50 minutes in, while Aileen Campbell, Minister for Children and Young People in the Scottish Government, defends the law. The Minister is put under considerable, almost Paxo-style pressure, by programme presenter Gordon Brewer.

It’s a good, well-argued discussion. If you’ve got any views on the subject, please post them here.

View the programme HERE. It’s available on the BBC i-Player for the next six days. The discussion starts 50 minutes in.


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