Time to let us have your surgery details for our ‘Telling GPs the Truth about ME’ campaign | 2 February 2013

February 2, 2013

It's time to add your GP surgery details to our ‘Telling GPs the Truth about ME' campaign, which will be ready to roll out during ME Awareness Week in May.

If you want your GP to receive a copy of our clinical guidance booklet “ME/CFS/PVFS: an Exploration of the Key Clinical Issues” – and 1900 people so far have told us that they do – please send details of your surgery to our Publicity Manager, email: tony@meassociation.org.uk or text: 07516 656 537

A well-supported Christmas fundraising Appeal bought in over £9,000 which will let us tackle this GP education project with gusto. At a rough guess, this will buy up to 4,000 copies of the booklet.

A fully revised edition of the booklet is being prepared for the campaign. The authors are MEA medical adviser, Dr Charles Shepherd, and consultant neurologist Dr Abhijit Chaudhuri, who works at the Queens Hospital, Romford, Essex.

So, please, if you think your GP needs educating about ME/CFS or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (and the differences between them), let us know. Email tony_mea@btinternet.com or text 07516 656 537.

7 thoughts on “Time to let us have your surgery details for our ‘Telling GPs the Truth about ME’ campaign | 2 February 2013”

  1. Do you have the funds to cover sending a copy to GPs who are generally very supportive (like mine) but are typically very busy and don’t know the latest research etc.? There are 3 GPs at my surgery all of whom are nice, but as with any GP, they have to know something about an awful lot of illnesses so I can’t see how they would keep up with all the most useful new stuff about ME. If funds are only sufficient to send to the most unco-operative GPs, please say, and I will probably buy a copy when the new one comes out. Thanks.

  2. hi tony i emailed you last week but got a failure notice ! only saw it today so ive text you also, thank you x

  3. Hello
    where can I find the updated version of the booklet you send to G.P sugeries to read please?


    1. Hello Anita

      Please email me me your details and we’ll pop a copy in the post to you when it is ready. At the moment, it is still being prepared for the printer.


  4. My GP surgery could do with this been through a really tough time of completely no understanding and the blame game.


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