Feedback requested on Co-enzyme Q10 and Ginseng

May 6, 2011

One of our members would like some feedback – good or bad – on the effects that the following supplements have had on your ME:

Co-enzyme Q10 and Ginseng.

If you would like to pass on some comments, please contribute to the blog below (you will need to register to use it first) or email: If you are emailing, please type Website feedback (TB) in the subject line.

7 thoughts on “Feedback requested on Co-enzyme Q10 and Ginseng”

  1. Having tried many agents including the above, I would be more interested in hearing about the effects of cannabis which has been used as a medicament for 5000 years but which more recently has been legally deprecated on the basis that alcohol and tobacco are much better for you.

  2. I’ve tried both – with no effect. I took co-enzyme Q10 as part of a medically recommended regime (about 12 substances altogether) but it didn’t help.
    The difficulty is that everything seems to help some-one, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of working out which will help a particular individual and which won’t.
    We need the NHS to take our illness seriously and provide the necessary tests and appropriate treatments.
    It’s a scandal that we still left in limbo, being denied effective treatment.

  3. I have used both for several years plus many other supplements. Would recommend milder Siberian Ginseng (may not be a ‘proper’ ginseng) but would definitely endorse CoQ10.
    Not a cure but an aid definitely. I have had ME for 25 years and also totally unconnected heart valve replacement last year.
    CoQ10 has supported me in both and still does.

  4. I have been taking 200 mg of Co-enzyme Q10 daily for several months, I have also been taking carnitine over the same period. I can’t be totally sure, but I do believe the Co Q10 in particular does help to increase my general energy and stamina to a degree, and that my body notices it the day after I forget to take it.

  5. I agree that taking Co Q10 helps, but you need to take much more of it than you might initially realise – in my case at least 100mg /day.

    It has certainly helped me and wish I had known about it at an earlier stage in my illness.

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