Professor Stephen Holgate to meet APPG on ME next Wednesday, February 16.

February 11, 2011

Professor Stephen Holgate, chairman of the Medical Research Council's Expert Group on ME, will be meeting with the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME next Wednesday (February 16). Please ask your MP to attend the meeting which will be held in Room 1, Westminster Hall, at 1.30pm. Reminder: please note that the meeting will not be open to members of the public.

5 thoughts on “Professor Stephen Holgate to meet APPG on ME next Wednesday, February 16.”

  1. Will Holgate tell us what definition they will be using for research? Will it include all of the following: idopathic chronic fatigue, fatigue of a psychological origin, ME? Will it exclude ME as the Oxford criteria does? What disease(s) are they actually talking about?

  2. christine standing

    All of the above….and also use the WHO-ICD so that we, all of us, are clear about what is being discussed.

    And why is it called the ‘Oxford’ criteria; it gives Oxford a bad name.

  3. The mental health disorder ‘Fatigue syndrome’ (F.48.0) would also be included in the NICE guidelines. Which would itself come under fatigue of a psychological origin.

  4. Good morning Tony,

    I will be happy to ask my MP to attend. He couldn’t make the debate, was tied up in a meeting seeking justice for abused children.

    He has expressed a strong interest in this new development, however, and so will let him know.

  5. Thanks, Firestormm, that’s appreciated!

    If your MP needs any further information, could you ask that contact be made with Annette Brooke MP, the chairman of the APPG.


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