ME research news items on British TV today (Wednesday, February 2)

February 1, 2011

To coincide with the MPs' debate on ME research in Westminster Hall this afternoon and the Medical Research Council's £1.5 announcement last week, there will be items on BBC Look North (North East and Cumbria) and ITV Tyne Tees' North East Tonight news shows this evening (February 2).

Ian Swales, MP for Redcar, near Middleborough, who has called for the debate, will appear in both. His short, 30-minute debate will start at 4pm and will be answered by Minister for Health Care Services Paul Burstow. It is hoped that other MPs interested in the subject will also attend, and the debate will also be open to the public.

Also expected to appear in the BBC item will be Professor Julia Newton, who runs an excellent research programme into ME at Newcastle University (the ME Association has funded a study there), and severe ME sufferer Barbara Kell from South Shields.

The ITV item is expected to carry other interviews with Jennifer Elliott, chief executive of ME North East, and severe sufferer Jan Laverick.

Incidentally, Mr Swales's Early Day Motion on ME research yesterday reached triple figures. Eric Joyce became the 100th MP to sign it.

You can watch the debate live in Westminster Hall by using  THIS LINK

To catch up on the Early Day Motion, click HERE

ME sufferer Jan Laverick on the ITV ‘North East Tonight' programme, 2 February 2012.

ME sufferer Barbara Kell on the BBC ‘Look North' programme (North East and Cumbria), 2 February 2012.

4 thoughts on “ME research news items on British TV today (Wednesday, February 2)”

  1. I thought that Ian Swales did a great job and has obviously been well briefed as he seems to have a good understanding of the issues we face. However I am very disappointed with Paul Burstows response. He has no knowledge of what it is like in the real world of ME

  2. I don’t think the penny has dropped in Paul Burstow’s mind. He lost the plot the moment he started talking about the value of “personalisation” in the care plans of people with ME.

    From the feedback we receive here, personalisation in many cases just doesn’t happen. I was following Twitter and that community seethed with indignation at this point.

    He also tripped up on the technicalities of the WHO classification.

    On the other hand, Ian Swales was superb. Every point he made was well put. Full marks to Ian and his constituent, Jan Laverick, who provided his opening narrative.

  3. christine standing

    Agreed Tony, I thought Ian was brilliant; shame that Paul Burstow got the ICD wrong, especially as the ICD has legal ramifications. However, I’m sure a few people will be putting him right now. I am cheered.

  4. I think Jan was ace and very brave.

    A real tooper and I do hope she ‘recovered’ well from her interview.

    Still going through the ‘debate’ so will comment tomorrow.

    How many people does it take to have a debate? Just two?

    Apparently it does. England’s forests far more important!

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