Rebecca Mulcahey

My names Rebecca Mulcahey, I am a passionate, loyal, caring woman and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love adventure, the outdoors, the moon and I’m obsessed with good food. Before I became unwell, I was very active and loved practising martial arts, cold water swimming and dancing. I am a proud mother of two sons and a step son and Wife to an amazingly supportive Husband.

I was working full time as an Inclusion Manager at a high school where i would support students at risk of exclusion. I have a huge family and a handful of really good friends. It’s not all sun and roses though, I have battled with mental health, made some terrible decisions and faced some life altering situations. I’ll spill the tea in the blog. I started this blog as a means to process all the thoughts and fears that come with being diagnosed with a chronic condition and learning to rebuild life around it. I hope that this blog will also serve to help others going through the same and help them feel seen, heard and have their feelings validated.

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