Katie Roberts

Hi, I’m Katie, I’m a teenager living with Severe/Very Severe ME, POTS, MCAS, Gastroparesis and other health conditions. I have been living with ME since 2017, when I was 13, after having shingles, and I’ve been 100% bedbound since September 2020. I was academic, sporty and fun before that. I lost all my hobbies so I had to try and find new ones accessible completely from bed. Thats why my instagram account and blog mean everything to me. Having become ill at 13 my life has not been easy. And neither has it been for many in this community. I’ve faced medical gaslighting and abuse, lost all my friendship group, lost my education which I loved. But that’s not unusual for people with ME. It’s a place where I can write about this, help others feel seen and offer support. Whilst it also makes me feel fulfilled and gives me a purpose.

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