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Pregnancy and ME/CFS

Scientific Meeting Report – BMJ Journals: Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and pregnancy: a mixed-methods systematic review

The MEA Ramsay Research Fund is now funding Dr Emma Slack and colleagues to carry out a research study into pregnancy and ME/CFS

Announcement: The ME Association funds new study examining pregnancy in ME/CFS 

This pilot study is an essential first step in this research. It will begin in July 2023, will take 2 years to complete, and will cost £30,000. It aims to highlight:

  • research priorities for people with ME/CFS and their health care providers in relation to ME/CFS and pregnancy,
  • to explore experiences, attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions around ME/CFS and pregnancy,
  • pregnancy decision making in both people with ME/CFS who could become/have been or are pregnant and healthcare professionals (health visitors, midwives, and doctors),
  • and to investigate what information is currently collected in routine practice relating to ME/CFS and pregnancy and how this could inform our future research plans.

The MEA information leaflet on pregnancy and ME/CFS:

Pregnancy & Childbirth

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