Times article: Relative’s suffering triggered Sajid Javid’s ME crusade

The Times has an article outlining why Sajid Javid was motivated to make the recent ministerial statement offering greater support to people with ME/CFS. This statement is covered in our news item here.

The full article can be read from the link below that is behind the Times paywall


Sajid Javid’s radical new approach to the debilitating condition myalgic encephalomyelitis was shaped by his experience with a family member.

The health secretary told The Times yesterday that a close relative suffered with ME, which affects at least 250,000 people in the UK and for which there is no diagnostic test, universally effective treatments or cure.

“ME affects the lives of children and adults across the country and I know from my own family’s experience that fluctuating symptoms can make it incredibly difficult to take part in everyday activities, enjoy time with friends and loved ones, access services and go to work or school,” Javid said.

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