Times article: My daughter couldn’t be saved but there’s hope for other ME patients

Tragic news from Sean O'Neill at The Times. The ME Association would like to express our sincere condolences to Sean and his family.

A very powerful piece in The Times today from Sean O’Neill – Senior Reporter at The Times – on the very sad death of his daughter Maeve last year and the lack of care she received from the NHS for her ME

Dr Charles Shepherd, Honorary Medical Adviser

Extract from the article

“The announcement of an action plan for tackling myalgic encephalomyelitis is a genuine breakthrough. Sajid Javid and his team have set Britain on the path to become the world leader in confronting this cruel, misunderstood and neglected disease.

“For me it is the most bitter of bittersweet moments. In the early hours of October 3 last year, my eldest daughter, Maeve, died aged 27 from ME…”

The full article can be read from the link but is behind a paywall

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