Fundraising – Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Grace!

January 31, 2022

In a remarkable display of grit and determination, Grace Baker-Earle kept a promise she made to herself when she was 15.

Although laid low by ME and POTS for the past two years and on beta blockers, she said she would try to walk half a mile every day until her 16th birthday to raise money for the ME Association.

And by hook or by crook the Grade A student did just that – declaring ‘promise kept’ on her birthday last November. 

‘There were days when she was too poorly and couldn’t do it and the last few months have been particularly difficult for her, healthwise”

“But every day she would try. She went out in her wheelchair with her sister, Poppy, and then might be able to walk 100 yards or so before having to stop. It was tough for us all to watch but she wanted so much to go on.” 

Mum Angela, from the family home in Cowbridge, South Wales. 

Before she became sick with ME after a viral infection, Grace hadn’t missed a day at school for five years. She now attends school part-time three days a week but still keeps up with her peers academically. In her GCSE year, she’s hoping to get some great grades this summer and wants to go on to study medicine. 

On her fundraising page, Grace wrote that the illness has severely impacted her life and often leaves her bedbound. 

“I’m unable to do the things I used to be able to do and have to use a wheelchair to get around. In addition, it has affected my heart and I have to take beta blockers to be able to function at all.  

“Since developing ME my life has changed an awful lot and is unrecognisable from how it once was. I know, ultimately, I will get better but no doctor can predict when this will be… but it is likely to be months/years.” 

She signed off: “Thank you so much for all the support I’ve been given to date. It means everything to me. Big hugs Xxxx.” 

Grace set a target of £250 for herself – and raised an astounding £1,424! If you would like to push this even higher, please visit the link below

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For people with ME/CFS who are considering taking on fundraising where there is a physical challenge, please read this important note from our Chairman, Neil Riley:

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