We love our fundraisers. You are amazing and the way you give your time and energy to raising money for our charity never ceases to amaze. Without you The ME Association could not provide the support, information and fund research that it does. 

You come in all different sizes. You come with mild, moderate and severe illness and the ingenious ways in which you raise money vary hugely. Tea parties, skydiving, knitathons, climbing hills and mountains. If it can be done, then you do it. 

Some of you join well organised events. The organisers invariably take great care of your health and safety but always you have to think carefully before you take part. Can I do it without over-exertion? Will I have a bad relapse?  

At The ME Association we believe the decision you make in choosing the event that you feel you can manage is down to you. You have a good idea what you can manage, after all you live with that body of yours every day. Who better to know? But, as always, your health is paramount to us and we want you to take the utmost care 

If you become involved organising a fundraiser, then you are not just looking after your own health but have to think about others taking part. It’s something that we consider very carefully before embarking on a fundraising project. Therefore do remember that: 

  • Where the event includes people with ME think carefully about the form of activity concerned. Some may cause an exacerbation or relapse of their ME and any invitation to take part in an event should contain a reminder of this danger. 
  • The event should not involve any products that could be harmful to someone with ME or involve unproven treatments for ME. 

Neil Riley, Chairman of the Trustees, ME Association, 12th August 2021. 

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