StepteMbEr – almost two million of them for Megan!

August 31, 2021

StepteMbEr is the name given to 1,875,000 steps being walked in September by the quality assurance team at a well-known South Coast insurance company to raise money for the MEA.

At the time of writing, the 10 members of the team had easily broken through their initial target of £1,000 by the third week of August – without having walked a single step!

They're striding out in solidarity with team member Rachel Dixon, whose daughter Megan just didn't get better after a bout of whooping cough in September 2018, when she was just 13. In July this year, Megan had to be taken to hospital with the severest form of ME.

On their fundraising page, Rachel writes:

“Megan now cannot speak or see, is awake only one hour a day, she's tube-fed and her fingers have constricted into a fist. Our lives have literally been turned upside down – no longer can we behave like the happy family we once were.

While Rachel won't be able to walk as many steps as the others because of her caring duties, she does hope to do lots of loops round the hospital pool.

Team leader Joanne Hewitt is organising StepteMbEr and will be leading from the front. She'll be joined by others walking in their own home areas: Kirsty Foster, Jake Keeley, Sam Dance, Kerry Stone, Michael Garrett, Rachel Phillips, Helen Adams, Channon Rostron and Charlene Wallis.

The insurance company have kindly agreed to match the first £1,000 raised by this event.

To read more, please visit the StepteMbEr fundraising page here

If it's not too trite an ask, please support their campaign to help us rid the world of the scourge of this horrible illness. Research is the key!

Rachel Dixon with Dixie
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