For that special treat – a parachute jump from 15,000ft!

August 31, 2021

For a 21st birthday treat, Isobel Bromley jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft – for a tandem skydive that so far has raised well over a thousand pounds for our Ramsay Research Fund. 

“Isobel has had M.E. since she was 11 and it has impacted everything she does, whether it’s school or meeting friends or family. But this has been on her bucket list for so long that she wanted to tick it off when she got to 21,” said her mother, Clare.

“For one day out of 365 days in the year, she wanted to have a bit of excitement that got her away from the same four walls.”

After the family GP cleared Isobel for the skydive, she and her best friend Amy Dallison went to Hibaldstow Airfield in North Lincolnshire for the jump on 28th July.

With mums Clare Bromley and Julie Dallison on the ground, together with Isobel’s younger brother Harry and dad Richard, hearts were in their mouths as they watched the skydive unfold:

“The first we saw was just these little dots in the sky leaving the aircraft at 15,000 ft. Then, as they dropped through the clouds, we were so pleased to see that the parachutes had opened. They landed a few minutes later to a huge welcome!,” said Clare.

The skydive was given a full-page spread in the family's local paper, The Selby Times. 

Well done, Isobel! That certainly was something to remember. To add your donation to Isobel’s fundraising, please visit here.  

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