Young Carers

June 14, 2021

It was Carers week last week and we don't often hear from unpaid carers to raise awareness of the challenges, struggles and what if any support they receive. We've featured Holly and her mum on our website previously and she has kindly sent in a poem as a young carer of her mum with ME.

Us young carers have so much to do,
We do cleaning, cooking and housework too.
We care for ill people as much as we can,
It may be our Mum, Dad or even our Nan.
The young carers club members are really kind,
They let us have time off caring to relax and rewind.
I always know that I can speak to them whenever I start to frown,
They cheer me up when I am feeling down.
The young carers help by supporting me,
Since Mummy has lots of illnesses including M.E.
Once in a fortnight, I go to this club,
It’s a charity so you don’t have to pay a single sub.
It helps children take their mind off caring,
Any young carer can come, no matter what they are wearing.
Or whether you care for your Dad, Sister or Mum,
Any young carer is welcome, so feel free to come.
The young carers club helps any carer out,
They will take any carer, without a doubt.
At young carers everything they do with us is fun,
That is why it gets a bit upsetting, when the clubs are all done.
I love it when we get nearer to the place,
It’s fun because there is a lot of space.
We also do interviews for staff members to work there,
That is when you can dress in fancy wear.
Whether your an NHS worker, or driving a bus,
Please will you help by supporting us?


Thank you Holly for allowing us to share your poem that describes the support you receive from her local young carers club.

More on support for carers in the Newcastle area is available here. Children can seek help from local young carers and the MEA have a helpline.

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