Win a beautiful quilt stitched by people from the M.E Community for a price of £1 per ticket!

June 18, 2021

Fiona holding the beautiful blanket to
be won by one lucky winner on Sunday!

Win this beautiful quilt stitched by people from the M.E. community – raffle tickets cost £1

A group of stitchers assembled by MEA fundraiser Fiona Symington has created this beautiful quilt which will be raffled off this coming Sunday (20th June).

Tickets will cost £1 each and you can buy as many as you like. The raffle will go live on our ME Association Facebook page at 9am and it will close 12 hours later at 9pm.

A winner will then be picked at random and Fiona will post the quilt to any address in the United Kingdom. All the money raised will go to the ME Association.


Fiona and a group of people who she had found on a Facebook group called ‘Chronic Creatives’ started working on the quilt as long ago as 2019. Then the pandemic did its usual thing – it made it rather difficult to continue with the work as planned.

“‘Chronic Creatives’ is a group for people living with chronic illnesses and it’s somewhere I met lots of my friends in the M.E. Community”, said Fiona.

“In total, 29 people stepped forward either to stitch a square or to cheer the stitchers on. Even though the pandemic did get in the way, the delay helped some of the contributors because struggle a lot with energy and needed that extra time to do their squares.

“I got the idea for the quilt from going to a stitching show where a community group had each stitched a small panel before joining together to make a lovely wall hanging.

“I thought the idea of a quilt made by a group of people would be a really cosy thing to own and sewing is something that brought me comfort when I was ill. I asked in the group whether anyone else was keen and It was lovely to see so many people step up to take part.

“I had only made one big quilt before but I really enjoyed making that so this seemed like it would be a fun project. I was a little nervous though because stitching squares together that people have worked so hard on was nerve-wracking.

“I was a bit worried I’d make a mistake or damage one of the squares accidentally (my sewing machine can be a bit temperamental) but so far everything has gone smoothly. All the colours have blended together really well too and no one has sent me the wrong size square by accident.”

We’ll put up one more reminder about the raffle later on Sunday – with the link to a JustGiving page, where you can buy your tickets. Please support this creative project – stitching is very much alive and kicking in the UK!

• In 2019, Fiona walked one million steps to mark her on-going recovery from M.E. and raised over £3,000 for the ME Association.

The collage shows everyone who worked on the quilt:
(Top) row 1, left to right: Fiona S, Germaine H, Janet R, Lisa B
2: Fiona S, Donna T, Rachel C, Victoria F
3: Anna C, Victoria F, Janet R, Barbara S
4: Fiona S, Cathy S, Germaine H, Jess P
5: Louise M, Germaine H, Anna C, Clare B.

If you'd like to purchase a raffle ticket on Sunday you can do so using Fiona's Just Giving link:

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