Article on the Lightning Process

April 21, 2021

The goulash of osteopathy, life coaching, neurolinguistic programming, and positive psychology is also attracting Long Covid sufferers

David Tuller

David Tuller has written a about the Lightning Process in a very thorough article showing how it fails to help people with ME/CFS and is also attracting those with Long Covid. Dr Charles Shepherd was consulted in the article and his comments are shown below. The full article can be read below

Charles Shepherd quotes from the article

What comes under the umbrella of ME/CFS is a very wide spectrum of clinical presentations and pathological or mental health pathways,” wrote the ME Association’s Charles Shepherd in an email. “My gut feeling is that the ones who do improve and remain so are the ones who have chronic fatigue or a chronic fatigue syndrome that is being driven by psychological and psychiatric factors.

It is very worrying to find that desperate people with long Covid are being encouraged to spend large sums of money on the Lightning Process, a treatment that is completely unproven in relation to long Covid and ME/CFS

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These articles from the MEA offer more information on the Lighning Process

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