ME Association Covid-19 & ME/CFS Free Range of Leaflets

November 18, 2020

Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association

With England in lockdown until 02 December, Scotland now adopting more stringent measures, Wales and Northern Ireland also having their own restrictions in place, it has become a very confusing situation, particularly if you are disabled by ME/CFS and have cognitive problems.

We recently published a blog that contained all the necessary links and information to help you ascertain what the restrictions were in your area and how best to protect yourself and your loved ones:

ME Association Covid-19 & ME/CFS Free Leaflets

We have introduced a new leaflet/letter aimed at students with ME/CFS who might need to assert their clinically vulnerable status with Universities, Colleges, or, Schools. This letter has already attracted a positive response:

“Thank you very much for providing the Vulnerable Status Support letter to Universities, Schools and Colleges. This has definitely helped my son's difficult situation, with the university now allowing him to do the remote study at a base where he has support.”

Both clinically vulnerable letters include relevant information about flu vaccine eligibility, disability classification, and links to other information that should help to assert the status of people with ME/CFS and get them the help and support they need.

We promised we would update the full range of free leaflets that have been available since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and this has now been completed. You can access them by visiting the website shop, or by direct download using the links shown below.

They have proved to be a popular series over the previous 8 months and we hope you continue to find them helpful. We will aim to keep them updated as and when major changes occur to the current situation, and we will be writing about the proposed new vaccines and the inoculation programmes in due course.

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