Cards and paintings – please push the boat out a bit for the ME Association

November 27, 2020

Tony Britton, Fundraising and PR Manager, ME Association

As Christmas draws closer, we'd like to remind you of some wonderful gifts and cards that are on sale to benefit the ME Association. We would be very grateful if you could consider making a purchase to help the charity.


Emma Roberts gave up a high-powered job in the NHS to look after son George when he became ill with M.E.

Thirteen-year-old George occasionally helps out in their home farm garden which supplies all kinds of flowers and plants for her new venture, a flower shop.

Now a family friend has designed a lovely set of Christmas cards to help the MEA. They're based on plants sold in the shop. Emma will generously give a donation from each sale to the charity.

“If you had asked me a couple of years ago when I was knee deep in NHS management if I had ever imagined that I would become a gardener and a florist, I’d have said ‘Never in a million years’!.”

“I’m so grateful to have found a business which complements being able to concentrate on George.”

Read the family story HERE.

Purchase the cards directly from Emma's flower shop HERE.


Graphic designer Flora Fricker created five quality cards earlier this year which are now on sale in her Etsy shop. A donation from each sale will come to us.

This summer, Flora worked on the set of the latest ‘Fantastic Beasts' movie – the Harry Potter spin-off series– at the Warner Bros film studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire.

Flora took the ME/CFS cause very much to heart after her younger sister Alice became severely ill five years ago. Alice, now 16, spends her life in bed in a darkened room and has hyper-sensitivity to light, sound, touch and taste.

Every time she goes into hospital she comes out worse than she went in. “We try to keep Alice away from that environment,” says their mother Caroline.

There is also the worry of a co-existent diagnosis by a German laboratory of Lyme Disease and four co-infections – but that diagnosis has not yet been accepted by the NHS.

To buy Flora's cards directly through her Etsy shop, click HERE.


If any room at home needs a face-lift to cheer it up but you don't at the moment have the energy to redecorate, then do check out the online art gallery run by Lou Wildish.

There may be a painting there that would look good in your hallway or living room.

Lou is a 45-year-old artist who specialises in abstract acrylic paintings that leave splashes of explosive colour, shine, bold marks and emotion on the canvas. She came down with M.E. about 30 years ago but wasn't actually diagnosed until she reached her thirties.

Life has been pretty rough on her but each year she's been getting back some of her oomph and is now able to paint on a fairly regular basis. Lou is another person who is making a donation from all sales in her charity gallery to the ME Association.

Read Lou's story HERE.

To buy her M.E. paintings, click HERE.

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