The ME Show Special: Severe M.E. and Benefits with Gary Burgess | 08 August 2019

August 8, 2019

Russell Fleming, Content Manager, ME Association.

We are delighted to announce that Gary Burgess has recorded a special podcast episode that considers the Real impact of Severe M.E.

Today is Severe M.E. Day and Gary interviews Jo Moss who talks about how M.E. has had such an devastating effect on her life.

They also discuss the problems she has encountered with the benefits system and with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – the non-means-tested benefit designed to help with the extra costs of a long-term disability.

We also hear from Ann Innes, the ME Association Welfare Rights Adviser who talks about some of the common issues faced by people with M.E. when navigating the system and who provides some tips that might make the process easier.

This special episode follows another successful season of The ME Show. You can listen to the special episode below and catch-up with all the interviews and stories via the podcast player or searching for the show on iTunes or other podcast platforms.

The ME Association hope very much to bring you a Season Three of the show in January – so do stay tuned!

“Please continue to make more! Amazing podcast with helpful insights on latest progress and also importantly giving patients ideas as to how they can help campaign effectively!”

“Wide ranging, interesting, intelligent and positive for people with ME. Some great interviews that break down long standing issues and update on recent ones. Interviewees from different places including scientists, campaigners, politicians and patients. Very enjoyable and useful.”

“Very thought provoking. Very, very interesting to those of us learning to live with people with this condition. Episode 8 has been particularly enlightening.”

“Fascinated! I absolutely love these podcasts! I have only listened to a couple but already I am hooked. The biggest thing is knowing I am not alone and having hope that we will find something to help us all understand more and educate those who need to help or assist us. Thank you x”

Source: iTunes

The ME Association greatly appreciates every person with M.E. who comes forward to offer us their stories or to share their experiences. We are always on the look out for more especially from those able to send photos as well.

Talking about Real People with M.E. is arguably one of the best ways we have of raising awareness and it can help to bring us closer together as a community.

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