Secret Agent Giveaway. Children’s author provides free books in support of Xmas Appeal | 28 November 2018

November 28, 2018


Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

Children's author Sarah Barfield has kindly offered copies of her lovely book – Zed and Dez 005 Secret Services Agents. This all happened after she read about our Christmas Appeal for the Ramsay Research Fund.

Sarah wrote:

“I have copies of my book left which I would willingly donate to the ME Association for children with M.E. who might enjoy it, or for parents with M.E. who aren't working and might like to offer this as a present if money is tight.”

Why M.E?

“Not so long ago, I had dreams of turning the children’s stories in my head into a book, even a series, or maybe a film (well you’ve got to dream big!).”

“It would be a book that kids across the world would love, love, love reading, and which would make money I could then use to become a philanthropist and champion the causes I believe in (it’s true!).”

“Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with M.E. and my life has got smaller and smaller ever since. I’ve had to give up working, I’m mostly housebound and that dream is on hold. But I did manage to write and self-publish that book, and happily the children that read it really enjoyed it.

The Christmas Spirit

“I haven't pursued it since last year as I'm just not up to it, so rather than the books sitting in boxes, perhaps they can bring some happiness?”

“So, in the spirit of Christmas, I would like to give away my remaining books to children with M.E., and families who are affected by M.E., and I hope, spread some festive cheer. Ho, ho, ho.”

If you would like a free book, please follow the link to Sarah’s fundraising page on JustGiving.

All she asks is that you cover the cost of post and packing (around £2) but she would happily accept larger donations if you were able to support our Christmas Appeal which is raising funds for more research into M.E. in 2019.

More information about the book, the characters and the special life of secret agents, can be be found on the Zed and Dez website.

We hope very much that Sarah will be able to continue with her work and add to the series.

Thank you.


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