ME Association Website Survey: Pain Management in M.E. | 05 March 2018

March 5, 2018


Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon. Medical Adviser, ME Association.

Most people with M.E. experience pain. This can vary in both nature and intensity.

Pain can occur in in the muscles (= myalgia), joints (=arthralgia) and nerves (= neuropathic pain).

Nerve (neuropathic) pain often has a shooting, burning or stabbing quality and may keep a person awake at night.

Neuropathic pain can also be associated with sensory disturbances – such as tingling or numbness, especially in the arms and/or legs.

Unfortunately, many doctors still do not have a good working knowledge of the range of drug and non-drug management options that can help to reduce pain in people with M.E.

So we are using this month’s website survey to find out what people with M.E. find to be the two most effective forms of pain relief.

The results will be used when we next update our information literature on pain management, and in our information to doctors.

The results will also be used as part of our ‘patent evidence’ submission to the rewrite of the NICE guideline on ME/CFS – where we hope that the management of key symptoms such as pain will be given far more detailed and helpful coverage.

You can locate the website survey half-way down the homepage of our website

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